United States Navy
Aviation Squadron Names
circa 1968

Names were subject to change at the squadron level in this era. Often, squadrons had unofficial names as well as official names. This list attempts to reflect the official names of 1968. A Navy instruction issued in this era covered the use of squadron names and required approval of existing names and subsequent squadron name changes. This is not a complete listing.

This is a historic snapshot of squadron names and designations. Squadron names may have changed since 1968. Names will not be edited to reflect the current squadron name or designations.

Attack Squadrons (VA) 

VA-12 Flying Ubangis
VA-15 Valions
VA-22 Fighting Redcocks
VA-23 Black Knights
VA-25 Fist of the Fleet
VA-34 Blue Blasters
VA-35 Panthers
VA-36 Road Runners
VA-37 Bulls
VA-42 Green Pawns
VA-43 Challengers
VA-44 Hornets
VA-45 Blackbirds
VA-46 Clansmen
VA-52 Knightriders
VA-55 Warhorses
VA-56 Champions
VA-64 Black Lancers
VA-65 Tigers
VA-66 Waldomen
VA-72 Blue Hawks
VA-75 Sunday Punchers
VA-76 Spirits of '76
VA-81 Sunliners
VA-82 Marauders
VA-83 Rampagers
VA-85 Black Falcons
VA-86 Sidewinders
VA-87 Golden Warriors
VA-93 Blue Blazers
VA-94 Shrikes
VA-95 Green Lizards
VA-97 Warhawks
VA-106 Gladiators
VA-112 Bombing Broncos
VA-113 Stingers
VA-115 Arabs
VA-122 Corsair College
VA-125 Roughriders
VA-127 Batmen
VA-128 Golden Intruders
VA-144 Road Runners
VA-145 Swordsmen
VA-146 Blue Diamonds
VA-147 Argonauts
VA-152 Wild Aces
VA-153 Blue Tail Flies
VA-155 Silver Foxes
VA-163 Saints
VA-164 Ghostriders
VA-165 Boomers
VA-172 Blue Bolts
VA-174 Hell Razors
VA-176 Thunderbolts
VA-192 Golden Dragons
VA-195 Dam Busters
VA-196 Main Battery
VA-212 Rampant Raiders
VA-215 Barn Owls
VA-216 Black Diamonds

Reconnaissance Attack Squadrons (RVAH)

RVAH-1 Smokin' Tigers
RVAH-3 Sea Dragons
RVAH-5 Savage Sons aka Mushmouths
RVAH-6 Fleurs
RVAH-7 Peacemakers of the Fleet
RVAH-9 Hoot Owls
RVAH-11 Checkertails
RVAH-12 Speartips
RVAH-13 Bats

Air Antisubmarine Squadrons (VS) 

VS-21 Fighting Red Tails
VS-22 Checkmates
VS-23 Black Cats
VS-24 Duty Cats
VS-25 Eagles
VS-27 Grim Watchdogs
VS-28 Professionals
VS-29 Tromboners
VS-30 Diamond Cutters
VS-31 Top Cats
VS-32 Yellow Tails
VS-33 Screwbirds
VS-34 Proud Tigers
VS-35 Boomerangers
VS-37 Rooster-Tails
VS-38 Claw Clan
VS-39 Hoot Owls
VS-41 Shamrocks

Fleet Composite Squadrons (VC) 

VC-1 Unique Antiques
VC-2 Blue Falcons
VC-3 Iron Men
VC-5 Checkertails
VC-6 Skeeters
VC-8 Redtails
VC-10 Crusaders
VC-12 Omars
VC-13 Saints

Antisubmarine Fighter Squadrons (VFS)

VFS-1 War Eagles
VFS-3 Chessmen

Helicopter Combat Support Squadrons (HC)

HC-1 Pacific Fleet Angels
HC-2 Fleet Angels
HC-4 Gallant Blades
HC-5 Arch Angels
HC-6 Chargers
HC-7 Seadevils

Helicopter Gunship Attack Squadron (HAL)

HAL-3 Seawolves

Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadrons (HS) 

HS-1 Seahorse
HS-2 Falcons
HS-3 Tridents
HS-4 Black Knights
HS-5 Night Dippers
HS-6 Redskins
HS-8 Eight Ballers
HS-9 Sea Griffins
HS-11 Sub Seekers

Fighter Squadrons (VF) 

VF-11 Red Rippers
VF-13 Nightcappers
VF-14 Tophatters
VF-21 Freelancers
VF-24 Red Checkertails
VF-31 Tomcatters
VF-32 Swordsmen
VF-33 Tarsiers
VF-41 Black Aces
VF-51 Screaming Eagles
VF-53 Iron Angels
VF-62 Boomerangs
VF-74 Bedevilers
VF-84 Jolly Rogers
VF-92 Silver Kings
VF-96 World Famous Fighting Falcons
VF-101 Grim Reapers
VF-102 Diamondbacks
VF-103 Sluggers
VF-111 Sundowners
VF-114 Aardvarks
VF-121 Pacemakers
VF-124 Gunfighters
VF-126 Fighting Sea Hawks
VF-142 Ghostriders
VF-143 Puking Dogs
VF-151 Vigilantes
VF-154 Black Nights
VF-161 Chargers
VF-162 Hunters
VF-191 Satan's Kittens
VF-194 Legendary Red Lightnings
VF-211 Checkmates
VF-213 Black Lions

Heavy Attack Squadrons (VAH)

VAH-2 Royal Rampants
VAH-4 Four Runners
VAH-8 Fireballers
VAH-10 Vikings
VAH-123 Professionals

Fleet Tactical Support Squadrons (VR)(VRC)

VR-24 World's Biggest Little Airline
VR-30 Stagecoach West
VR-57 Conquistadors 
VRC-40 Cod-Fish Airlines
VRC-50 Foo Dogs

Aircraft Ferry Squadrons (VRF)

VRF-32 Rex Itineris

Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadrons (VAW) 

VAW-13 Zappers
VAW-110 Firebirds
VAW-111 Gray Berets
VAW-112 Golden Hawks
VAW-113 World Famous Black Eagles
VAW-114 Spiders
VAW-115 Sentinels
VAW-116 Big Brothers
VAW-120 Hummers
VAW-121 Griffins
VAW-122 Hummer-Gators
VAW-123 Screwtops
VAW-124 Bulls-Eye Hummers

Photographic Squadron (VAP) (VFP) 

VAP-61 World Recorders
VAP-62 Tigers
VFP-63 Eyes of the Fleet

Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons (VAQ)

VAQ-33 Night Hawks

Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons (VQ) 

VQ-1 Navy's Number One Squadron
VQ-2 VQ-2 Squadron

Weather Reconnaissance (VW)

VW-1 Typhoon Trackers
VW-4 Hurricane Hunters

Patrol Squadrons (VP) 

VP-1 Golden Eagles
VP-2 Neptunes
VP-4 Skinny Dragons
VP-5 Mad-Foxes
VP-6 Blue Sharks
VP-7 Black Falcons
VP-8 Tiger Squadron
VP-9 Golden Eagles
VP-10 Red Lancers
VP-11 Lovin-Eleven
VP-16 Eagles
VP-17 White Lightning
VP-18 Flying Phantoms
VP-19 Big Red
VP-21 Blackjacks
VP-22 Blue Goose
VP-23 Sea Hawks
VP-24 Batmen
VP-26 Tridents
VP-28 Hawaiian Warriors
VP-30 Pro's Nest
VP-40 Marlins
VP-42 Sea Demons
VP-44 Pelicans
VP-45 Red Darters
VP-46 Gray Knights
VP-48 Boomerangers
VP-49 Woodpeckers
VP-50 Blue Dragons
VP-56 Dragons

Test Development Squadrons (VX)

VX-4 Vanguards
VX-5 Vampires
VXE-6 Puckered Penguins
VXN-8 Blue Eagles

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